Double Translation

3 thoughts on “Double Translation”

  1. A profound concept about the nature of writing. Translation from experience to words, back to imagined experience. I hope my efforts do better than ‘Google translate’ at the double inversion!

    Sometimes I think a truly artful piece is more like a prism, though. Depending on your mood and perspective, you will see a different color, or maybe different colors. Maybe it will seem different the second time through, after you know the ending. The same way as a piece of music by a master composer will have multiple layers. Depending on which voice you listen to, the journey can take on a variety of characteristics.

    Maybe this would all be true if I were writing about something deeper than vampires and pirates. 🙂

  2. Thank you! There’s so much to be said about how a reader’s experiences shapes his/her reading. Your idea about a great piece of art being like a prism is so fascinating, since, like writing (or any other kind of art) prisms can work on so many different levels, but have to be structured in a particular way to work. Which makes me think… maybe the reader is the light!
    And who says that writing about pirates and vampires can’t be prismatic? 🙂

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