Finding Focus Day 5: Creating Rituals

7 thoughts on “Finding Focus Day 5: Creating Rituals”

  1. I’m enjoying your series on writing! You are setting such a good example by writing every day.

    Hemingway wrote standing up on account of a war wound, but according to the internet (Which is always full of True Facts) Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill also wrote standing up.

    My preferred stance for writing is either lying on the couch, or while eating at a restaurant. The latter is mostly because my lunch hour at work is when I sneak off to be creative.

    1. Thanks! That is so interesting! I didn’t know that. But I did know that there’s this treadmill desk craze going on right now. It sounds awesome, but I don’t think I could run and write at the same time. That’s so great that you find time to write on your lunch hour– how productive.

  2. Hi Claire. 🙂

    Another fascinating article. I know I have rituals, some obvious, like going into my office at (roughly) the same time in the morning, powering up and making a coffee – but I suspect I have more rituals than I realize I do. It will be interesting to reflect on this and see if I can find out.

    Thanks for a good post. Cheers! 🙂

    1. It’s interesting to think about all the rituals we have that we don’t even think about! I know I have many.

      Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. Great article. Of course it got me looking for any rituals I might be doing. I use to write by candle light, but not any more. I used to write late at night, but not anymore. I listen to music, and I change the soundtrack for each novel, the music is never the same. I’ve written on a lap top, a desk top, and now my new favorite keyboard, my iMac. I have objects in my space that I collect that put me in the book – a quill pen, an old picture, a figurine. And perhaps that’s why my writing is so eclectic. But there is only one thing I do consistently. I come to my desk, sit in my chair, and waste time. I get comfortable in my space. I’m doing that now, and after I’ve read through a few blogs I will open my document and look at the words, look at my notes, and wait for the words to come. I’m not sure if that’s a ritual or not… maybe I should devise one. 🙂

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