Give It All, Give It Now

3 thoughts on “Give It All, Give It Now”

  1. Sound advice, and upbeat, too. 🙂

    I always think “Do it 100%” particularly about aspects one could be shy about. A lot of fiction writers, for instance, are shy to write about sex (or action, or fight scenes, or dialogue, whatever), and I decided early on to either leave it out or do it 100% – it’s paid off, I’m strong in those areas and I think it’s precisely because I threw my shyness out the window and I don’t hold back.

    (Looks like I’ve become a fixture here.) 🙂

    1. A.D., it always makes my day when I read your comments 🙂

      I totally agree with that. A lot of times in workshop group, people would make the remark, “There’s this weird thing going on in your story– you should either take it out or put more of it in.” It’s funny, because it’s often so useful for me to hear that.

      1. Hi Claire – thank you for saying that, you’ve made my day now. 😀

        Thinking and writing like that makes the process an exciting adventure for the writer, I have always found, which in turn brings enjoyment back into it – a vital cog in the wheel, but often one of the first to fall off.


        Allyson 🙂

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