These Things Are Your Becoming

4 thoughts on “These Things Are Your Becoming”

  1. “Those things are your becoming.” I love it, and spot on.

    It’s like “Living is what you do while waiting for life to happen”. Not sure of the exact quote, or who said it (not exactly helpful, I know, I’m sorry). What I find amazing is that some of those moments are precious in hindsight, even though not fully appreciated at the time.

    I first discovered that “becoming” in my own life after I published my first book. All those years I worried that I was “wasting time trying to be a writer”, built up my skills and honed them, until – guess what? – I was a writer!

    Cheers to you, Claire. Have a great day/evening. 🙂

    1. That’s so encouraging to hear! Indeed, it’s always harder to put things into perspective when you’re in the middle of them. Thank you, Allyson! 🙂

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