I’m Here to Make Friends: The Magic of Writing Communities

7 thoughts on “I’m Here to Make Friends: The Magic of Writing Communities”

  1. I like your “writer’s commitment.” So they laughed. It reminds me of the lines from the Tao:

    “(When) lower people hear of the Tao,
    They laugh loudly at it.
    If they do not laugh, it would not be the Tao”

    [from Verse 41]

    Those laughing weren’t ready to appreciate and respect what you were saying.

    Affirmative words such as your declaration can be powerful tools for focusing consciousness in a positive direction, which is ultimately the force that brings about positive change in the world.

  2. This is why I miss Writer’s Society–and why I joined it in the first place. I’m trying to build a community where I am now, but I’m having trouble finding people who are seriously interested in building a community with me. You can’t build a community alone!

    That’s why I think Writer’s House worked out, too–it sounds like everyone worked together. 🙂

    1. They did! I miss that. It’s difficult to start from the beginning and make new college-like communities in your life after you leave college– I know exactly what you mean!

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