You Must Just Have to Be There

2 thoughts on “You Must Just Have to Be There”

  1. This has been my philosophy on seeking employment. One ought to use as many possible avenues as are available, and it has always been my belief that there are jobs on the beach. Now I know you naysayers might claim that you have never seen a job on the beach, but you never know when you might be sunbathing or surfing, and a job will walk right up to you, and then BOOM! you’re employed.

    But it’s true that, as the above article implies, it requires much dedication and many hours of fruitless searching, perhaps days or months even. But one should not give up. Searching for jobs by relaxing and enjoying the waves or skipping stones may often seem counterproductive, but only to those who lack true faith and perseverance.

    One day you’ll be looking at a reflection on the water in the shadows, and there looking back at you will be your new career.

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